The OpenBSD project produces a FREE, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system. Our efforts emphasize portability, standardization, correctness, proactive security and integrated cryptography.
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millert 2f5786cf9e Remove useless secure_path(3) calls. 3 hours ago
bin When evaluating an arithmetical expression, for example inside $(()), 1 month ago
distrib sync 2 days ago
etc Start in the daemon configured routing table and not in the one we're currently 2 days ago
games g/c unused robots_roll file. 3 weeks ago
gnu fix serious markup error: \B -> \fB to select bold font 3 days ago
include Build and install a shared libLLVM, llvm-config and llvm includes. 2 weeks ago
lib Remove useless secure_path(3) calls. There is no point in checking permissions of files in root-owned directories. If it even was a problem, secure_path(3) suffers from unsolvable TOCTOU issues. OK deraadt@ 3 hours ago
libexec spelling/consistency fix; from nam nguyen 1 month ago
regress Add route origin validation test 23 hours ago
sbin Revert parts of recent changes to pretty_print_domain_search(). Parts of WIP escaped into the wild and broke parsing of domain-search. 1 day ago
share support Meinberg DCF600USB, from weerd@, ok phessler 1 day ago
sys Use the debugger mutex for `ddb_mp_mutex'. This should prevent a race that could leave `ddb_mp_mutex' locked if one CPU incremented `db_active' while another CPU was in the critical section. When the race hit, the debugger was unable to resume execution or switch between CPUs. 14 hours ago
usr.bin indents and reflows around ERR*() and LOG*(); ok benno 4 hours ago
usr.sbin Unbreak route origin validation 7 hours ago
Makefile bye bye depends 1 year ago
Makefile.cross Don't assume that we use LLVM's ld(1) if we use clang(1) as main system 1 year ago