The OpenBSD project produces a FREE, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system. Our efforts emphasize portability, standardization, correctness, proactive security and integrated cryptography.
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ratchov 64c982b0c5 Fix integer overflow in block size calculation. 7 hours ago
bin freezero() is of no use here, the computed digest is not a secret. ok millert@ 1 day ago
distrib Stop using the moribund MLINKS feature for Perl manuals. 3 days ago
etc Stop generating keys for nsd-control(8). These are unused since nsd was 1 week ago
games Unveil tetris. 1 day ago
gnu stop using the moribund MLINKS feature; no functional change intended; OK patrick@ 2 days ago
include Inroduce malloc_conceal() and calloc_conceal(). Similar to their 1 week ago
lib add various missing information and remove the lie that these functions would set errno; tweaks and OK jmc@; OK rob@ on the previous version 2 days ago
libexec Indentation fix 6 days ago
regress pass a context struct to each test function in order to reduce future churn 11 hours ago
sbin Don't put dhclient into a loop when interface-mtu is present in a lease. 1 day ago
share unneeded escape, as noticed by jmc@ who can't commit right now 21 hours ago
sys During fuzzing, one or many fuzzing processes are often stuck waiting on memory from the subproc malloc subsystem which is exhausted. Attempt to circumvent such scenarios by allocation the kcov coverage buffer using km_alloc() instead. 11 hours ago
usr.bin Fix integer overflow in block size calculation. 7 hours ago
usr.sbin Fix LDAP RFC reference in comment. Also noticed by martijn. 1 day ago
Makefile bye bye depends 1 year ago
Makefile.cross socppc makes an extended visit to the bigbucket. 1 week ago